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We are the First "Olivetti Best For Solutons Dealer", this has been awarded to us due to the high level of training our engineers have received on Ysoft products and solutions.

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Why YSoft Safeq?

Save costs, time and the environment
With YSoft SafeQ, your company enjoys complete control over printing, copying and scanning. YSoft SafeQ enables the administrator to define fixed rules and allocate roles to specific employees within the company. How a user can print is defined by their role—for example, those with accounting roles may only be allowed to print in black-and-white, while those with marketing roles may be allowed to print in color. This helps enforce responsible behavior and leads to lower costs and fewer wasted resources.

Protect your data and access to multifunction printers!
Protecting sensitive data and controlling user access to multifunction printers is critical. That’s why YSoft SafeQ ensures that users of MFPs are always identified through ID cards, passwords or PINs—and the system controls their access and rights. Users can pick up their print jobs at the printer of their choice, because YSoft SafeQ makes it possible to print safely, anywhere. The YSoft SafeQ solution can also precisely account and report the details of all jobs for each printer. Educational institutions and other organizations can use YSoft SafeQ to charge for printing.

Print job management
Print job management gives users complete control over all the documents they print. Users can easily pick up print jobs at a convenient location, review jobs they have printed, or resend the jobs to the printer. The Favorites feature makes it easy to access frequently-used documents. Favorite documents are listed directly in the menu at the printer, alleviating the need to send them to the printer repeatedly. Administrators have central control over printing and access to in-depth information—all processes running on multifunction printers are monitored, tracked and visible.